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Punjab is a Northerly state of India, It is Rich in agriculture and lays over five rivers. For centuries the traditional recipes have been passed from generation to generation from mother to daughter and from family to family.

Since the migration of Indians to the West the many Indian restaurants' have provided dishes which were modified to cater for the Western Market. However, the market has now changed and as more of us travel and we have acquired certain tastes it is clear that we need to try something different.

At "A Taste of Punjab" we have cultivated the traditional recipes and have been able to produce a truly satisfying and different eating experience.



Choose from our chefís daily selection of six authentic

Punjabi dishes for only £7.99 Per Adult or £3.99 Per Child

Ghar da Keema

A thick lamb mince curry with peas, cooked with aromatic Punjab

herbs and spices

Chicken Thuri

A mild chicken curry similar to a korma with a bold infusion of

herbs and spices, which gives the meat a robust fl avour

Lamb Thuri

A mild lamb curry cooked with hearty North Indian fl avour

Aloo Khi Sabzi (v)

A thick potato based curry normally served with rice or naan

Matar Paneer (v)

Cubes of delicate Indian Cheese cooked in a mild curry with peas

Gajar Khi Sabzi (v)

A thick and wholesome carrot curry normally served with rice or


Gobi Khi Sabzi (v)

A thick caulifl ower curry normally served with rice or naan

Thorka Daal (v)

A light curry of chickpeas and potatoes with strong North Indian

fl avours

Chana Daal (v)

A chickpea curry which is best eaten as an accompaniment to

samosas and pakoras

Palak Paneer (v)

A thick spinach and cheese curry, which is mild in spice and strong

in fl avour


Platter for 1 - £3.99, Platter for 2 - £5.99

Platter for 4 - £9.99

Vegetable Platter

Paneer Spring Rolls, Vegetable Samosa, Chana,

Yoghurt and Mint Dip, Pakora

Meat Platter

Keema Kebabs, Masala Chicken, Chana

Yoghurt and Mint Dip


Punjabi Sizzler - £7.99

Sheekh Kebabs, Chicken Leg and Diced Chicken breast served on a

sizzling hot plate with a bed of onions, garlic and chilli


Chips - £2.00

Naan - £1.00

Chapatti - £0.75


Kulfi - £2.99

Is there an Indian version of ice-cream? You bet! Try Kulfi , with

its oh-so-milky and mild cardamom fl avours itís sure to have you


Gulabjaman - £2.99

This desert takes it name from two words: Gulab which means

rose, for the rose fl avoured syrup and Jamun, which is a deep

purple coloured Indian berry. These cooked dumplings are dark

brown in colour and taste great!

Ras Mali - £2.99

Made from cottage or ricotta cheese soaked in sweetened,

thickened milk delicately fl avoured with cardamom


Matar Paneer

The State of Punjab

Sheekh Kebabs



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